Falcon One Limited

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HelloChef required strong expertise in the DevOps field to modernise their EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) cluster, to automate the deployment of their various apps and to implement a robust monitoring system.

Falcon One Limited intervened and provided the technical expertise in the required domains (AWS, EKS, Helm, Terraform, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring open source software). Falcon One worked hand in hand with the resident DevOps engineer to gather requirements and implement solutions that would suit HelloChef’s requirements, timelines and budgets. Falcon One implemented the necessary Terraform modules and created a system based on Helm charts to ensure HelloChef’s apps could be deployed automatically. Falcon One also implemented a monitoring system based on Prometheus (for the metrics), Loki (for the logs), Grafana (for the visualisation) and Alert manager (to dispatch alerts to humans using Slack channels).

Falcon One ensured that every deliverable was fully documented so HelloChef could easily take ownership of the implemented systems. HelloChef’s staff was impressed and delighted with the implemented solutions.