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Freddie Chin

Fabrice was focused, professional and thorough, he delivered results of high standards and quality.

Project Manager, Megger

David Miller

Fabrice is thoughtful and thorough. He dives into a problem and doesn't let go until he understands the problem and implements a perfect solution. He doesn't stop when the solution appears to work well for common cases; he proceeds to account for edge cases and rare situations. He provides useful code review comments. He understands the culture and stated goals of the project, and is willing to push back and ask questions when he observes others behave at odds with the culture and goals.

ArkCase architect, Armedia

1. We Put our Heart Out - Respect for the Art + -

DevOps engineering is part science, part art. In truth, it’s a craft. At Falcon One, we put our heart and mind in everything we do. We can’t do anything without passion, and we take pride in doing the best possible job each time. We care about writing clean code that works 100% of the time, and we can’t stand leaving bugs in our code.

2. The only constant is Change - Push Boundaries + -

Continuous improvement is our motto. We strive to continuously identify problems, imperfections and potential improvements in our processes, methods and techniques. We keep our ears to the ground to keep track of the latest developments in a variety of technologies. That enables us to imagine novel solutions to existing problems. Our clients are delighted when we can help them do more with less.

3. It Just Works - Keep It Simple + -

Our no-nonsense approach is refreshing in this industry. We approach each project on its own, even that’s the 10th time you come back to us. We keep our feet on the ground and each time we have to make a decision, we ask ourselves: will this decision get us closer to the goal? It’s simple, but not easy when caught in the midst of day to day activities.

4. Ahead of the Trend - An Expert Vision + -

Thanks to the breadth of experience and talent of our engineers, we are able to come up with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

5. Deliver Solutions - Leave Nothing to Chance + -

We live to deliver success to our clients. Doing the right thing, on time and on budget, determines our identity. Our processes and following industry best practices ensure we deliver a solution that works and does solve the problems it is meant to solve.

6. You are in control - Transparency + -

We hope you will be amazed at how transparent and candid we are. We don’t hide anything, successes or difficulties. We provide you with an online dashboard where you can track the progress of your project, 24/7. We are flexible and adaptable, able to change direction when things happen your side.

7. With the end in mind - No Waste + -

We hate waste. Waste of time, resources, effort or money. Over-engineering is probably the biggest danger for enthusiast engineers; we are very much aware of this, and consistently strive to avoid feature creep and developing non- requirements.

Amazon Web Services
Github / GITLAB
Hashicorp Vault
Network engineering

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We offer bespoke consultancy services for all your needs related to cloud architecture, Kubernetes, observability and all DevOps matters. We can intervene at any stage of your project: requirements gathering, design, implementation, test, troubleshooting, support.


Cloud architecture

Our highly skilled engineers can work with you to design a cloud architecture that will work for you, while ensuring best practices are observed, such as AWS's Well-Architected Framework.


Microservice architecture

Using a microservice architecture, as opposed to a monolithic architecture, present several advantages, such as improved efficiency and better visibility. At Falcon One, we have a lot of experience designing a microservice-based architecture, whether for a greenfield projects or for refactoring an existing project to follow modern best practices.


Platform design
and operations

Our deep understanding of cloud systems and modern networking allows us to design and operate platforms to standardise the workloads of your teams.


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